Owner-Operator Representation.

The practice of Co-Working has grown in popularity over recent years; however, the concept itself is not a novel idea. The business model of acquiring a master lease on a substantial amount of office or flex space, and then subdividing and releasing its smaller parts to multiple end-users have been in use for decades. The industry was best known as the "Shared Space" and "Executive Suite" market. 

Until recently, the market was dominated by a handful of co-working operators that lease and operate the office or flex space, while the property owner serves as a traditional landlord to the master lease. This traditional operational model is changing as a result of disruptions in the market, and property landlords are now becoming owner-operators. 

The market began to shift when owner-occupiers began to sublease some of their excess office and flex space and included incentives to sub-leasees such as the internet, VoIP, and utilities as part of the sublease rental terms, therefore positioning them to become co-working operators. Given the increased use of online collaboration platforms, both small business and corporate tenants are increasing their demand for co-working spaces with flexible lease terms, and as a result, fueling the co-working industry.
Zureq Realty Advisors provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for the Co-Working industry.

  • Owner-Operator Representation.

  • Acquisition and Disposition Representation.

  • Site Selection Research.

  • Asset Valuation.

  • Decision Analytics.

  • Transaction Management.

small businesses. corporate organizations. 

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