Exclusive End-User Representation.

Logistics Services is composed of organizations involved in the forecasting, procurement, transport, production, storage, distribution, and warehousing of raw materials and finished goods. These small businesses and corporate end-users include data analytics firms, purchasing agents, transportation companies, 3PL's, manufacturers, and storage facility operators. Supply Chain globalization has caused logistics service providers to evolve their business models and adapt to new and innovative methods of delivering their services. Now more than ever, logistics firms are being challenged with the decision making process of balancing their physical space requirements, which includes not just the configuration of existing footprints, but also geographic expansions to maximize efficiency. Zureq Realty Advisors provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for the Logistics Services industry.

  • Tenant Representation.

  • Buyer and Seller Representation.

  • Site Selection Research.

  • Asset Valuation.

  • Decision Analytics.

  • Transaction Management.

corporate tenants. owner-occupiers. 

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