Corporate Real Estate Market.

New York City is the most diversified corporate real estate market in America and viewed worldwide as the financial capital of the United States. Although Zureq Realty Advisors operates throughout New York State, our firm's commercial real estate market focus is New York City, specifically Manhattan. New York City has a favorable corporate end-user population, including domestic and multinational organizations, and is an obvious choice as a global corporate headquarters. 

New York City hosts a World-Class Cargo and Passenger Airport (JFK International), One World-Class Seaport (Port of New York), and numerous private and publically traded companies. New York City is a corporate-friendly environment that provides endless opportunities to build a strong network of business relationships; however, it is not for the cost conscience organization. Startup costs in New York City can be high with regulatory policies for some industries overly scrutinized, which may require outsourced paid guidance to navigate, and there is a State Income Tax. Nonetheless, New York City provides a core corporate culture with access to influential capital and business alliances. 

New York has many top universities which to recruit from, including Columbia University, New York University (NYU), and Cornell University, which are all institutions recognized for their business, managerial and finance academic programs. New York City's sophisticated palate, means there is a wide variety of entertainment, shopping, and dining options to complement any lifestyle. 

Zureq Realty Advisors provides corporate real estate services that pertain to office space leasingflex space rental, and the acquisition and disposition of office buildings and flex properties.

corporate tenants. owner-occupiers. 

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